Video Visit

Save a trip to the office and schedule a video visit with your doctor!  You can use your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop – any device with video capabilities – using secure access. 

Northtowns Medical Group is currently providing video for appropriate types of sick call and follow-up appointments that do not require in-person care. There are lots of reasons why people have been requesting video visits – takes less time, no extra cost, saves gas and driving/waiting time, serves all their needs as well as an office visit for certain issues and problems, and no need to miss work or tie up their day.

Video visits are not for everybody and not suitable for many/most situations, but you may be interested if this sounds right for you

Just let us know when you are scheduling an appointment or calling for acute care if you would like a video visit. If it is appropriate for the type of visit, your next visit to Northtowns may be a mouse click away.